There are various types of tricks which are used for transporting goods or vehicles from one location to another. Different trucks have each of its capabilities and are suited for different functions are circumstances in logistics. One common feature is the need to transport heavy loads efficiently without damaging the items or vehicles. Following are the various types of trucks utilized:

1. Semi-Trucks

They are commonly used for transporting cargoes. It can be loaded from the sideways, back and from above. The capacity for semi trucks is 24,000 kg. This vehicle is the appropriate transport for palletized cargoes.

2. Jumbo Trucks

These vehicles can hold more weight capacity compared to semi-trucks. This truck is best suited for sending large volume of goods or items. The load can be deposited onto the vehicle from either the back, sides and the top.

3. Tail Lift Trucks

When it comes to heavy equipment loading, this vehicle is the one for that. The lifting mechanism allows the goods or cargo to be loaded onto the truck. Typically the workload for this vehicle is between 500 to 2000 kg. The only way to load goods or items is from behind the truck. Tail-lift trucks are widely used as distribution transports.

4. Straight Trucks

Straight Trucks are also known as cube trucks or box trucks. This vehicle is wide utilized for house moving, transport of home furnitures, smaller goods and freight deliveries.

5. Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed Trucks are used for transporting of goods. Due to the stability of the flatbed, which is the ramp or platform on the back of the truck, loaded items or vehicles are less likely to be affected by external forces. Towing companies have flatbed tow trucks which are equipped with winch mechanism to recover or tow vehicles onto its platform. The loaded vehicle can be safely driven away to any locations without being towed or touch the ground surface. For vehicles which are damaged in accident which cannot be driven, this truck is the most favorable tow truck for removing wreckers. Flatbed tow trucks are also optimal for long-distance transportation. With the moving platform, vehicles can be mounted or unloaded easily without much labor.