Flatbed Tow Truck

With the right equipment and techniques, towing can be accomplished smoothly. On the other hand, without following the guidelines, towing can be risky and will endanger the safety of other motorists on the road. Here we shall discuss some towing tips to ensure a safe and fast towing experience.

Know Your Capacity

Before towing, you should know the towing capacity of your truck. Towing more than the capacity can prove to be problematic, sometimes even fatal. For instance, a load which too heavy may cause damage to the drivetrain of the vehicle. A damaged drivetrain is a safety threat to the other motorists on the road, and this is especially so if vehicles are driving uphills. When the load is out of control, consequences can be severe. Thus towing capacities needs to be observed and managed to prevent potential mishaps from occurring. You can get to know the amount of load you can carry from the owner’s manual of the vehicle. If you know the amount of weight your vehicle can tow, the ride will be safe.

Distribute the Weight Properly

While towing heavy loads, one should pay more attention to the weight distribution. By having a proper weight distribution, the towing task can be safe and secured. To do so, first start loading heavy load or cargo. Secure them with strong ropes, straps or ropes so that the load will no shift or move in during motion. The smaller loads can be filled in the remaining spaces available. Be sure that all sides are balanced to prevent any chance of flipping.

Mirror, Mirror on the Vehicles

It is fair to say having proper side view mirrors are very important. The angle of the mirrors must be placed properly, in a way that one should be able to see the cars at the back of the tow truck without the need to move one’s head. This is because a person will know exactly when to change lanes or let any vehicles behind to overtake.

Check the Lights

Lightings are important especially at night. Broken headlights will not only put the towing operator at risk, but also will endanger the other drives on the road. Side lights, back lights, headlights and other lightings should be in good working condition. Furthermore, the lights need to be in sync with the towing vehicle. For example, if you step on the brakes, the brake lights have to be illuminated.

Tire Maintenance

Tires wear down rather easily, thus regular checking and maintenance will definitely be required. Towing operators should check the tires before starting their towing tasks. By maintaining tires, tow trucks can transport the loads to destinations safely.

Brake Synchronized

Be sure to check the brakes are in good working condition. This is because without proper working brakes, the possibility of accidents will be high. Towing drivers need to prevent heavy braking to reduce wear and tear. When braking, try applying the foot to brake lightly. When driving, do not rush through the traffic while towing a vehicle. This is to prevent any sudden unexpected events from occurring during the journey, which will endanger other motorists on the road. Last but not least, maintaining the speed limits are definitely a wise act during transportation.

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