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Are you facing an emergency situation with your vehicle? Are you stranded and in need of a reliable tow service? Every day we set out for our day’s activities hoping for a smooth, uninterrupted endeavor. However, this is not always the case as we may be faced with unforeseen occurrences time and again especially with our vehicles. In this case, you definitely need a dependable, reputable and trustworthy tow service company as a partner so you do not experience hiccups in your plans. For several years, we have been providing top quality tow service for residents of Altadena, California. Our desire to constantly improve and satisfy our customers 100 percent of the time has made us the favorite tow service company in Altadena, California and its surrounding areas.

Exceptional service delivery

Our technicians have been professionally trained so they do not just handle your vehicle properly, but they are very courteous and friendly. Our relationship with our clients is very important to us as this ensures each client is comfortable while we render our assistance. Immediately you call us for assistance, we dispatch our professional technicians within seconds. This ensures we never delay in serving you no matter where you are in Altadena, California. This has made us stand out and our 24-hour “round-the-clock” tow service is a guarantee.

Customer satisfaction

We stop at nothing in making sure our clients are satisfied 100 percent of the time. We take your needs, thoughts, questions and suggestions to help us continuously improve and provide better service. So long as you face a vehicle emergency in Altadena, California or its surrounding areas, you can rest assured we will not relax until you are fully satisfied.


Providing exceptional service is one thing, affordability is another. It is pretty difficult to merge these two together but you have no need to worry anymore. We have been in the towing business for several years and we understand the worries that come with facing an emergency. Merging these worries with an unbearable pricing system is never considerate. For this reason, we have a system in place that ensures that while we provide exceptional tow service, we also have the best pricing system in Altadena, California and its surrounding areas. Our pocket friendly pricing system allows for transparency without of hidden charges.

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