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Flatbed tow trucks are designed to move your vehicle from one point to another especially when an accident occurs. These tow trucks acquire their name from the flat appearance of the bed, making them the best option when you need a safe and secure tow. Flatbed tow service can also be used to move heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, dumpers and station wagons. Flatbed towing is a service that has to be done with the help of professionals to ensure your vehicle is handled right. These professionals are also needed to carefully move vehicles especially if they are heavy duty automobiles which are difficult to lift on. Towing Altadena is always at your service in Altadena, California and its surrounding areas.

For Vehicles of Any Size

Our specialized flatbed tow trucks move new or used cars, luxury vehicles, heavy machinery, trucks and motorcycles. We are a licensed, insured and highly experienced group of technicians always ready to provide exceptional flatbed tow service in Altadena. Our specialized flatbed tow trucks are your best option when you experience a collision or a situation where your vehicle cannot be driven. This is due to its ability to hoist a vehicle entirely off the ground while ensuring the vehicle’s delicate nature is preserved. In most cases, using other means of towing your vehicle especially in a fragile condition may not be ideal.

Our state of the art tools and equipment and gentle touch when handling your vehicle has earned us a great reputation, making our customers to trust only our service in Altadena. The decreased loading angle of our flatbed trucks enables heavy, long or lower rising vehicles to be easily lifted into the trucks. Our professionals have enviable knowledge of vehicle handling, therefore you can rest assured of top notch service when you call us for assistance. Our team is always on standby as we understand that you may feel frustrated due to the condition of your vehicle. We are always ready to attend to your needs.

You can be sure of quality, affordable service when you call us for assistance. Kindly contact us today and say goodbye to any vehicle tow service worries.

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