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When your car breaks down on the road, you will want fast and prompt towing or roadside assistance to your rescue. This is exactly what Towing Altadena does; we provide fast and efficient car towing service 24-hour daily. Our complete fleet of tow trucks include wheel lift and flatbed tow trucks, which enables us to tow cars of various makes, whether it is Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes and many more.

Car Towing Specialists

With our state-of-the-art tow trucks and equipment, we can perform our tasks in the shortest time possible. Our tow truck team also consists of towing experts who know how to handle and manage cars with professionalism. In addition, our tow trucks are maintained regularly to undertake rigorous tasks. When you encounter car breakdowns or involved in accident, we have the expertise to recover your car. We put in great effort and care when handling our customer’s cars. No matter if they are regular, custom or exotic cars, they will be well managed. You can be sure that when your vehicles are transported by us, they will reach the designated locations safely.

Wheel Lift and Flatbed Tow Trucks

We will dispatch wheel lift tow truck for quick and short towing, especially in situations where tight and narrow spaces are involved. On the other hand, flatbed tow trucks will be employed for longer distance towing, four-wheel-drive cars, luxury cars or damaged cars in accidents.

Affordable Services

Providing exceptional service is one thing, affordability is another. It is pretty problematic to merge these two together but you have no need to worry anymore. We have been in the towing business for several years, and we understand the worries that come with facing an emergency. Merging these worries with an unbearable pricing system is never considerate. For this reason, we have a system in place that ensures that while we provide exceptional tow service, we also have the best pricing system in Altadena, California and its surrounding areas. Our pocket friendly pricing system allows for transparency without of hidden charges.

Call Us Any Time

You will never know when a breakdown will occur on your car. Which is why it is advised to be prepared in advance for any form of emergency. Because it is often that cars will break down or stalled unexpectedly. This is where our car towing service will come in handy.

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