A tow truck is a vehicle which is used to move or transport other vehicles from one destination to another. Tow trucks are widely used today, because of their efficiency in moving different vehicles of weight and sizes. For example, if a vehicle has broken down and need repair, one will need a tow truck to send to the garage or repair shop. Tow trucks with the ability to self-load vehicles are much favored by the towing business owners due to its ease to carry the load without the need for extra manpower.

The equipment and tools involved in a tow truck are numerous. Some of them are chain and snare, wheel lift and flatbed.

Snare and Chain

Snare and chain is used as part of a tool to provide necessary support and backing to the vehicle, which helps to prevent any mishap from occurring.

Wheel Lift

The most important and widely utilized gear is wheel lift. The old wheel lift method involves the chains secured around a car’s frame to lift it partially off the ground. However, in today’s wheel lift, the tow trucks are equipped with a hydraulic dolly at the back of the truck. When wheels are placed onto the dolly and secured, the dolly will be lifted and locked and the car is ready to be towed.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed tow truck is an innovative method. The ramp or platform at the back of the truck can be slid partially off the truck and lowered to ground. From there the vehicle can ascend on to the platform by its own power or by using a winch system.

Several trucks are utilized for business purposes. Models such as the Ford F-250 and Ford 350 are used in the towing business. The Ford F-450 and Ford F-550 however, are the vehicles that are strongly recommended, due to the higher towing capacity they possess.

Medium Duty Truck Towing Capacity

Medium duty tow trucks are accessible to many of the towing companies. Contrary to light duty tow trucks, medium duty tow trucks are moderate and valuable to towing operators that are starting the towing business. This is because of the ability to tow various vehicles, with weights that can go up to 26,000 pounds.

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